Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Preparedness at Center for Dermatology

In these unprecedented times, we want to do everything we can to safely and effectively provide our patients with the dermatologic care they seek. Over the past two weeks, we have instituted safety measures in line with CDC recommendations including more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, limiting those who enter our facility, spacing appointments to facilitate social distancing, and monitoring ourselves and those who enter the practice for any concerning symptoms. We are also exploring our options for teledermatology to allow non-face-to-face visits for those who need but are unable to come during this time of social distancing.  Please be advised that given this fluid and rapidly evolving situation, our actions and recommendations will change as needed so please call with any questions or concerns or for the most up to date information relevant to our practice. For the latest information on COVID-19 from the OK State Department of Health, please call 817-215-8336 or go to their COVID-19 web page here.

If you are ill and have a fever, cough or other respiratory or flu-like symptoms (e.g., runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle aches, headache), please call and let us know (918-749-5714) and we will reschedule your appointment for a later date. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE WITH THE ABOVE SYMPTOMS. If you know you have been exposed to COVID-19 but do not have symptoms, please see link for the CDC's recommendations for you and notify us so we can reschedule your appointment.

Additionally, if you are ill and have a fever, cough or other respiratory or flu-like symptoms OR have traveled within the past 14 days; or have had known exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please:

-DO NOT go to the emergency room (ER) unless you have an emergency. Going to the ER when not needed may lead to unnecessary exposure AND strain resources needed for truly sick patients. See here for some of the emergency symptoms seen with COVID-19.

-Call your primary care physician's office and notify them of your symptoms. They should advise you on appropriate next steps.

-If you do not have a primary physician or you elect to go to an urgent care, CALL BEFORE ARRIVAL to let them know your symptoms, recent travel and COVID-19 exposure history. For the safety of staff and other patients, many clinics are having people with suspected COVID-19 cases wait in their car upon arrival so they can be allowed in the facility with measures to reduce exposure to others.

-If you KNOW you're infected with COVID-19, see CDC link here for what to do and follow the advice of your physician.


For those with appointments at Center for Dermatology, we ask that you:

-Cleanse your hands upon arrival. We have hand sanitizer at the front desk. If your hands are visibly soiled, you should wash them with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

-Come alone or if the patient is a child, we ask that only one parent or guardian (and no siblings) accompany the patient.

-Avoid handshaking or other unnecessary contact with others. We will do our best to optimize social distancing by rooming patients as soon as possible. We may ask that you remain in your car and call you when space in the lobby is available with recommended distance from others.


Other considerations:

-If you are 65 or older and do not have an urgent skin, hair or nail concern, please consider rescheduling your visit.

-For our patients on biologic and other immune suppressing medications (e.g., Humira, methotrexate, etc.): We do not yet know if these make patients more susceptible to COVID-19. Prior data on other respiratory infections in people on biologic medications showed rates similar to those on placebo. We will hopefully learn more in the near future.  

-We have removed all magazine and toys from our lobby to reduce objects that can collect infectious materials and serves as avenues of transmission.

-If you need a refill of a prescription, please call a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

-We will be closed on Fridays in the coming weeks.